I am a new convert to Catholic Christianity.
and I have always been interested in the deeper meanings of things.

So far I have looked into Islam, Paganism and Wicca. At my lowest point however I was met with Jesus..
I have watched videos about it, excerpts of his story, I felt hungry for more and began reading the bible.
And let me tell you, I am empathetic so naturally I feel bad,
when I hear about anyone suffering (real or fake) but when I heard about the details of Jesus'
persecution, I felt such a deep grief, so similar to the one I felt when my dear Grandma passed away.
And the worst thing of all, he died for US and for God to forgive our sins so we can at least try getting to heaven.
And what are we doing? Sinning, sinning, sinning. The worst are those who violently deny any faith.
Those people worry me a lot because even at my lowest I couldn't deny thee existence of something higher.
I am guessing it's a trained mindset, you are exposed to an idea for so long it becomes internalized.
Thus, you either accept it as yours(atheism) or begin questioning everthing(agnostic), take the wrong turn(any other religion, sorry.)
amd after everything you find salvation, the truth and peace(Christianity).
I have a blog, also.. but I started it years before I turned to Christ,
so it's full of negativity, things I no longer stand for, but I won't hide my flaws because I am no saint and will never claim to be.
Just as a warning before you venture any deeper.

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I will be very candid with you.. I lack the knowledge to make a proper website, I am figuring out HTML at the same time, juggling law school and getting closer to God. I have yet to get baptized and get a physical Bible. I also want a pretty veil, a rosary to pray to, an icon of Mother Mary and Christian friends.
It would have been so much easier if my parents weren't such control freaks. They really think of themselves as God if you ask me.
They put themselves above you(which is still reasonable if you were a CHILD, which I no longer am.) And they act in "mysterious ways". Granted, my mother is more reasonable than my father, but both irritate me with their lack of tolerance and emotional intelligence. When this little box disappears, you'll know I'm finally in a better place, one that allows me to practice my faith in peace. And until then, I pray to the mighty Lord to grant me this one big wish. In the Name of Jesus Christ.

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