One manifest at a time.

Hello folks.
Fancy meeting you here, I didn't expect anyone to find interested in exploring this page further than the little title page I tinkered together.

I just read Genesis 8, the story about Noah's arc. And I just noticed something.

"The springs at the bottom of the oceans had been closed. The windows of the sky had also been closed. And the rain had stopped falling from the sky." Genesis 8:3

Note the first sentence. The springs. Just now I read about Swiss' groundwater being infected with forever toxins. And you know the history of Swiss? A very questionably established land with many services for the "elite" and "super rich". So with the water being impossible to ingest, despite it being.. famous for its exquisite springs..I wonder if this is God's way of punishing the rich, allowing them to unknowingly accumulate human-made waste(chemicals) in their own groundwater.
God basically said: "Oh so you wanna be in control of everything now, even the land I gave to all of you? You shall reap what you sow."

And that is not tough love in my eyes, it's letting things take their natural course.

Because, see Matthew 19:24:

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man (...) to enter the kingdom of heaven."

Doesn't that sound interesting? It's a rollcall. Don't be boistrous and greedy, we already know NO millionair/billionair is ethical. So Jesus is against rich people in general just for what they stand for and how they got there, greed and exploitation. And those are both terrible sins. And Switzerland is one of the richest countries in Europe. I have nothing against Switzerland though, no biases or feelings at all, but the facts are there. How come a rich and supposedly prosperous country is suffering a "forever toxic groundwater" phenomenom? How quaint, very much a humbling experience, isn't it?

It's simple as that: God is giving out a big, serious warning. And think about it,

Switzerland is housing filthy (emphasis on FILTHY) rich people, who drop a dime or two for extras services. You could argue "but have you seen the mountains in Swtzerland? The view is worth the money." Have you considered that this is just a ploy, for greedy capitalists to sensationalize GOD's creations and refuse access to it, as if they own it? Why are they capitalizing on something that does not belong to them, something they didn't craft, even if they erect another hotel and build the twentieth ski resort. (while covering the hills in artificially sourced snow.)
But this isn't about owning land. Don't get wrapped up in the details.

We are too used to worldly authority dictating us, that we forget, NO MATTER what their genetic make up, their age, their "status", their connections and the materialistic goods or "deeds" they have done....

We. Are. All. Equal. In. God's. Eyes.

This goes for Elon Mosk, and all these other richmen who are trying to escape earth with flimsy technology that can't even hold against a rock's force.
There is a reason we have been progessing this slowly, it's God' will, God wants us to think rationally and critically.. "Why are they trying to leave earth?" One could say "To explore the universe!" Well you little Devil's advocate, explain the "Colonizing" part of the whole journey. There is a reason why survival in both the sea and space is made impossible. God does not allow it, simply because it challenges God's intentions. He made the Earth for us, the land. If the sea was meant for us, why don't we have gills? If the sky was meant for us, where are our wings? The space, is far, far away for a very good reason. It all belongs to God,and we belong to God. We have to follow his teachings. Only a greedy megalomanic would want more than a house and a family and peaceful relationship with God. Born from insecurity and fostered in an environment of equally if not worse heretics.

Elon Musk knows he can't own the world, so he tries to claim Mars. An inhospitable, cold, dead rock.
That description fits most richmen and women's hearts.

A call for reflection as a whole. We are a collective, we cannot help being affected and influenced by other peers' forces and words and actions. You see a room of people wearing black shoes and white shirts and immediately an opinion forms and the need to either flee or join arises. No. We mustn't let fellow humans control us, not to say being entirely disobedient and dysfunctional... Just when it feels wrong, uncomfortable, scary even. When your tummy feels strange and your mood dampens, this room is not one you should be in.

Just like if you live in Switzerland and throw your money out the window while young ambitious people with golden hearts get by on scraps... Then again, suffering is part of strong person's life. Persecution sadly martyrs poor innocents, like in Palestine, Congo, Ethiopia, everywhere it seems. The whole world at war. While I type this I am very aware of how very generously God has decided to fate me, how so very blessed I am. I could be elsewhere, my limbs could be paralysed, I could still be going down the path of blasphemous hedonistic satanism.. But no. I have, with the held of God and Jesus Christ and the community found my path back. I am far from a saint and I'd say I have a very, very long way to go. But at least I am more sound-minded than i was a year ago.

Thank you and God Bless. Amen.

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